The Club

Kids Feeding Kids Club is a non-profit organization of children dedicated to feeding hungry youth through fundraising, volunteering and other charitable activities.

Why should your child get involved?
To build awareness, compassion and a foundation of philanthropy to last a lifetime. It is our belief that the earlier we introduce community service, volunteerism, and charity work to kids, the more likely they will stay engaged in these activities in adulthood making this a better world.

Kids Feeding Kids Club was founded in 2008 by Carson Pazdan at the age of five. Inspired by his love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, Carson wanted to create his own cookbook featuring all of his recipes as well as those from other kids. He dreamed of a cookbook designed FOR kids BY kids. This idea evolved into a vision of creating a club for kids where they can directly impact the lives of other children and help stop hunger.

If your child would like to become a member of the Kids Feeding Kids Club, please email