Our Motivation

Did you know that Illinois has the highest poverty income level in the Midwest? The federal poverty income level for a family of four in 2008 was $21,200 and there are nearly 91,000 kids living in poverty in northern Illinois (not including Cook County). Only 1% of the NIFB's food actually comes from food drives. The most helpful and appreciated act is monetary donations. Every $1 raised will provide 8 pounds of food!
The NIFB's Youth Nutrition Program is helping by providing food to hungry kids in 13 counties in northern Illinois. The Youth Nutrition Program provides assistance to school districts, park districts, local pantries and other organizations to ensure that no child goes hungry. Food is provided for breakfast, lunch, after-school snacks, hot suppers, and a summer lunch program.

What happens to a child when the school week ends on Friday? A recent BackPack Program was introduced for children who are at risk of going hungry over the weekend. Before they leave school on Friday, their backpack is filled with 10 pounds of food to not only ensure that they have enough to eat, but also that their family of four is fed for two days.